Balanitis Candida

How Does Balanitis Candida Occur?

Balanitis Candida is a type of fungus condition in which an inflammation is found around the glands of the penis. The top end or the ‘head’ of the penis is called as glans which is like a dome shape and has opening for the urethra which is primarily used to remove waste water from the body and for sexual activity. For men whose foreskins have not been circumcised, the skin covers the bottom half of the glans permanently. It is only retracted during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Proper hygiene should be maintained by retracting the fore skin and cleaning the area in order to avoid any type of infection and it should be cleaned in its retracted mode only. Whitish deposits are deposited by the fore skin and when it is not properly cleaned and during urination, urine can get deposited in between the gaps of the foreskin and the same thing could also happen during the sexual activity. This is how glans are found to be extremely exposed to infection where the environment for bacteria and fungus are found to be very adequate for their growth.

A case study published in 2009 discusses some of the risk factors of Candida balanitis. For a period of 36 months several male subjects with STD’s went through cross-sectional studies to fully understand the risks of this species of Candida as sufficient information on it was scarce at the time. Out of 478 subjects 26.2% were shown to have Candida colonization and 18% of them had Balanitis Candida colonization. A strong association of this occurrence was found to be related with an age of above 60.
This study didn’t fail to point out that apart from sexual factors; this Candida species had influence of other factors as well, of which age was a major one while diabetes was found to be an independent factor. It showed that with age, the chances of getting infected with the Candida balanitis colonization were higher.


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Candida Balanitis Causes

Balanitis Candida is the type of fungus which starts growing due to a Candida yeast infection. And, due to this, inflammation is observed on the glans of the penis as discussed earlier. Balanitis Candida can be caused by any of the above mentioned conditions. It has been found that allergic reactions or itching can be caused when the undergarments are washed with harsh soaps or bleaching agents as it contains lots of chemicals which can cause irritation on the foreskin of the penis and on the glans. Due to this irritation the skin becomes very sensitive and can lead to causing infection such as Candida Balanitis.

It was also found that condoms may also cause some allergic reaction which may lead to the cause of Candida Balanitis. Other ways to avoid such infection the use of perfumed soaps should be discarded, and the most important thing is that the foreskin and the glans should be cleaned regularly with delicate soap and while in the bath it should be dried out, as leaving it damp is an invitation for infections. It can also be caused due to the spread of infection from STD’s.



A study was conducted for the fair comparison of direct impression of the glans on the solid culture of agar along with collection of exudates from the genitalia with cotton swabs. This study just as the previous one discussed earlier had a time period of 36 months with 478 subjects out of whom there were asymptomatic men as well as men diagnosed with STD’s. This cross-sectional observation found 18% of 478 men to have colonization of Candida balanitis. The results showed that the direct impression method had the highest extraction rate of Candida spp.

With the statistics from this study we can clearly state now that the best way to detect prevalence of Candida balanitis is the direct impression test on CHROMagar, and if included in diagnosis and treatment of C. balanitis infections would yield great results.


Balanitis Treatment

In order to start the treatment of Balanitis, consulting highly qualified doctors is a must, so that the root cause can be known. Balanitis candida can also be treated by using anti-fungal creams. Sometimes, doctors can recommend long term solutions such as circumcision as this is done to people who are more exposed to the infection and very frequently get infected. Maintaining a good diet is also important as it helps to maintain the pH level in the body including the genital area. Irritation causing soaps should be avoided. Tight underwear should be avoided, and opting for loose cotton underwear is a better option. When Candida Balanitis is caused due to infection then various antibiotics are prescribed in order to eliminate the chances of the reoccurrence. When it is caused due to the viral or allergic reactions, it is treated using various steroidal ointments, other than this various anti-fungal creams can also be used to treat the infection caused by Balanitis candida. Proper care should be taken and good personal hygiene has to be maintained in order prevent it from spreading.



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